Dialogue portraits

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to create dialogue portraits for characters, just like a certain RPG game…

Any help is appreciated!

You could use the story extension (built-in) to display dialogues with character name labels above the dialogue itself, but if you want a picture of the character that is talking, you could draw a sprite and then render it above the text using the set portrait z(depth) to <value> where the value is a big number. Here i provided an example, and I named the sprite which is used as the portrait “portrait” but you can really rename it to anything.

  • If you want to change what the character looks like and where it’s positioned on-screen, edit the image in the set portrait to sprite <image> of kind ...
  • and if you want to put the character behind the text bubble, remove the set portrait z(depth) to 100 block from the code

Here’s the code:

Ask if you have any further questions or problems with your code, and cheers!