Checkpoints in a platformer game

I am trying to make checkpoints in my platformer game so that for example if the HP status bar goes to zero it will take one life and tp the player back to the start of the level. Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks, Geod.

I think you can just put place my sprite on top of random in an on sprite overlap scene block and make an object at the beginning

Hi, I’ve been thinking about this feature for a game I have been making.

this is a pretty simple mechanic, and it’s basically utilising a cutscene to pause the game in order to allow the player to choose between 2 choices. In the time that the player dies and transitions over to the game over screen, the player’s sprite will be destroyed and the tilemap will be changed.

I should be thanking you actually, I was thinking of adding this mechanic but I wasn’t sure if it worked. Now I know it works :slight_smile:

Also here is a link to my game so you can understand what I am trying to do

Did you use one of @UnsignedArduino’s games to make that

and I made a game like that once here


Doesn’t look like my code, but thanks :slight_smile:
The OP just used the same tileset I used.

Oh I just saw the Platforms different were every time I play sorry @UnsignedArduino and @Geod


I need help too