Clock Extension

Here’s what the blocks look like:

The clock time is returned as a string and should be compatible with any string-accepting block.

You can use the clock on true/false block to pause and un-pause the clock, and the boolean can be used to check whether or not the clock is running.

The set clock speed to $speed ms block can be used to change the speed of the clock, so you could effectively make the clock run on real-time if you used an ask for number block.

The number you put into the block will determine the number of milliseconds it takes for the minute to change in the clock. Inputting 60000 ms will mean that each minute for the clock is a minute in real-life.

Also, any negative number that is put in for the clock time will be multiplied by -1 to make it a positive number, and if 0 is put in for the hour, it will be turned to 1 instead. Additionally, if the hours value is set to a number of 13 or greater, the hour will be set to 1, and the am will change to pm or vice versa. Something similar will happen with the minutes. If you set it to 60+, the hour value will change by 1.

Yeesh! That’s a lot of words…
Anyways, enjoy!


The extension I didn’t know I needed!


  • “set clock speed to [number] ms” was a little confusing at first, I suggest changing it to something like, “set duration of one minute to [number] ms”
  • Add second support? That will probably change your “set clock speed” block though. And you will also need a way to disable/enable this, as some games may not want/need this.

very interesting, nice!


How does this work and is the Meowbit supported? Looks cool though.

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Okay, I’ve changed the set clock speed block to be less confusing (set one second duration to [number]), and the clock now supports seconds! Just expand the return clock time block and you will have the option to make the seconds visible! The am/pm system was causing problems, so I took it out.

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:sparkles: Simple suggestion here :sparkles:

  • It would be really neat if you added individual parameter blocks for both minutes and seconds
  • Similar to what @UnsignedArduino said, changing the wording of the set clock speed to $number ms to set tick speed to $number ms would make it a bit easier to understand the intended usage of that block

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This extension can be used to make an in-game clock. Just use the set clock time to block and input the hour, minute and second to make it! You can then use the clock time return block to get the clock time, and the rest of the blocks are just extra settings for the clock. (I hope this answers your question.) Also, I haven’t tested the extension on MeowBit yet.

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What happened to @E-EnerG-Gamecentral? They would love this extension. Would help with arcadeOS’ too.


He(?)'s been inactive for a while now, hopefully he comes back to the forums eventually

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Alright! I’ve added the am/pm system back in! It’s a little different, but thankfully it works far better now!

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@UnsignedArduino, would it be possible for you to add this extension to your Awesome Arcade Extensions GitHub page? Totally fine if not. :slight_smile:

I’ve submitted an issue for it. I will get around to it. (eventually >.>)