Arcade Advanced Stream #180 - Help Desk!


Join @shakao, @jwunderl, @richard, and me as we answer your questions! Timestamps for all the topics are below, so feel free to jump around. If you have something you want answered, the next helpdesk thread is up here Need help? Ask us anything! [OPEN] [1/8/2021]

Watch the full stream here:

0:00 Intro
1:08 video game consoles
6:44 next Arcade release
6:58 how to get the new Arcade version
7:18 how to flip/rotate sprites
7:45 how to request a new feature
9:10 sneak peek of new features!
10:35 asset editor overview
14:00 (potential) new blocks
15:19 updating help documents
18:00 what instruments do we play
22:35 easiest thing to draw in pixel art
25:00 making .exe programs out of games
25:37 shop extension
26:35 helpful ways to write feature requests
27:55 using the debugger
30:39 how to get a greyscale palette
32:44 online multiplayer
34:04 get more than 16 colors?
34:14 change font in the text extension
36:02 writing extensions in python
37:16 how to write an extension
38:00 making custom blocks
39:05 how far off screen can sprites be
40:40 making an end game boss
50:17 favorite game
52:25 favorite MakeCode blocks
52:23 rename MakeCode Arcade
58:03 MakeCode target audience

Check out the code below:

Links mentioned:
:star: Submit feature requests/suggestions here:
:star: Richard’s menu extension:
:star: Instructions on how to change the colors in the image editor: Sprite Editor Color View - #2 by richard
:star: Instructions on writing your own extension:
:star: Playground to test custom blocks out in:
:star: MakeCode Show - 30 minutes every Thursday, 12:30 Pacific Time
:star: The original thread: Need help? Ask us anything! [CLOSED] [12/21/2020 - 1/8/2021]

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