Cloud Save BUG

I was coding my game and had several (5+) hours of work put into it since the last “revision” that was saved, and I have auto cloud save on. The problem is, I was Ctrl+z-ing (undoing) because something I made didn’t work and, suddenly the tab froze. When I went back into the project EVERY BLOCK was gone. I suggest (for the future) that there should be a feature where you can go back to old saves in 15 or 30 minute intervals for, say, 1-2 hours (of having the code being used), so it keeps 4-8 saves from the past automatically that you can go back to previous saves in case something like this happens (this would be a very useful feature). It doesn’t even have to do this, it could just keep one save from 30 minutes ago that you could go back to if you want. This would be very helpful, but also I have learned that I shouldn’t rely on cloud save fully and will save frequently in the future.