Codebuilder window loading / slow

Having been making heavy use of the codebuilder window with a series of Makecode based tutorials, we have hit up against some students who it simply gets stuck on the loading screen (the Agent holding a chest walking one) for any tutorial (even after a reset). This completely derails the activity for that student as they are unable to complete any coding.

Is there a mechanism for us to debug this when this occurs? Or a “hard reset” style option? Note the reset button at the top right of the codebuilder window does not resolve the issue.

In addition to this, some students have found the codebuilder window to be simply extremely slow when loading Makecode tutorials (hosted on the Makecode site). To the extent in some cases of a tutorial taking 2+ mins just to load.

Although these generally occur on students with older/slower computers, these are not ancient… They do still run Minecraft Education Edition well with a reasonable framerate.