MakeCode Arcade slow to startup

One of the main annoyances I have is that when I start editing with MakeCode Arcarde it takes forever to load up. The editor shows up but with a smallish amount of code it is just so slow to load up. Sometimes it just slows down around when I’m downloading. I have fairly fast PC and Internet connection. Do I need to update flash or java or something, silverlight?

Can you share a link to your code? That way I could check on my computer if it is also slow.

I opened with Edge browser and it works:
I reloaded it then it in Chrome and it works again. There are occasional slow periods in some other computers. I was using different projects in a classroom from multiple computers, some load longer times.

Originally I was working with the same platformer game on Chrome and it’s gone corrupted now I think:

The project you linked was created in beta and needs to be loaded in beta to work. You can craft the URL like this to do that:

In general though, please don’t do any important work in beta or open projects in beta without duplicating them first. Beta changes often and there is always a chance your work will be lost. The released version is much more stable.

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Also, we don’t use Java, Silverlight, or Flash! When you download, it triggers a compile which can take a lot of resources to complete.

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Thanks and sorry I didn’t realized I was in beta, I’m stil kinda new to MakeCode. But sometimes it is also loading for a while when I open some projects even before downloading. I was wondering if the emulator was using some sort of flash as it was kinda loading… the ring spinning on its screen.

But I really like MakeCode Arcade, just need to figure it out more. I got 6 BrainPads, 11 Kitronik Arcades and just bought a MeowBit to check it out. I run a kids computer club here in Ireland.


@Buller That’s awesome!

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