Coder king 3: legends

Coming SOON ON AUGUST 2023

Over the years, we, the entire makecode community, had many powerful Coders in the almighty makecode community. All would fight each other for their title of CODER KING

However, some were not appeased with the final results. Some believed they were robbed, they demanded redemption. They wanted that title badly, and they started planning their revenge over these years.

So this year, we are bringing back some of the best contestants we’ve seen in CK1 and CK2. makecode’s finest users will compete in a couple of challenges. Each challenge, the users are to create a game from scratch based on a specific theme given to them. every challenge will end in one great elimination for the not only for the title of CODER KING, but also for the title of CODER LEGENDS.

Now, I guess that I should give out my nominations if they are available from August - November: @Brohann @TheGreenArtist @CreativeUsername @Unique @Lucas_M @Gideon_loves_cats @randomuser @SoftTalker

Some familiar faces, no? I planned on doing this all-stars competition a long time ago, now I think that I am ready to do it.

Oh yeah and this year, you will all be given the toughest challenges yet (challenges I wanted to do ever since CODER KING 1), stakes are higher, who knows if there are double eliminations, and the results shall be even more amazing than the first 2 competitions.

The first challenge will be revealed sometime in August 2023


Wow :astonished:


Poll if you accept the nomination

  • Yea
  • No

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@Brohann @TheGreenArtist @CreativeUsername @Unique @Lucas_M @Gideon_loves_cats @randomuser @SoftTalker


Yes… I have been planning my revenge, ever since I got- shudder- second place. My code was riddled with glitches, but I’m just so sure that… idk, evil faries must have sabotaged me to make me lose. To @Lucas_M of all people! I mean, he only coded The Phoenix’s Quest, and that was totally not popular… I WILL DESTROY YOU!! (/J /J /J)


@Taser can I join? since this is in august, I have a lot of free tine!


Lucas hired me to hack your computer. It was fun inserting bugs into your project.



I KNEW IT!! You would be the only one with enough skill to hack my personal computer… I’ll have to beat you in coder king 4 or UAT 2, if you join. (/j)


How much do you charge for an hour of hacking?


If I don’t join, then you can’t beat me >:) I will remain superior FOREVER.

It was an IOU for Lucas, (Cloudy climb DLC) but the rate starts at $999,999 an hour. Email me for negotiations.

(all joking)


looks in wallet
Yeah, I think I can afford that! I could hire you to sabotage AHEM fix my opponents’ games in the next big Game Jam!!! (you may even get the chance to sabotage NOT SABOTAGE yourself if you join!) >:)

(joking :slight_smile: )


Hey can you hack @randomuser 's laptop and make him write on the forums that he’s not joining so he can’t win? I’ll send you Paypal. By the way what if it takes less than an hour? Still $999,999?



It is me, the random user. I am resigning because I am dumb. Signed, the real user random


One day, we hit this much

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@Brohann @TheGreenArtist @CreativeUsername @Unique @Lucas_M @Gideon_loves_cats @randomuser @SoftTalker
oh yea, I am planning on adding another challenge, yet I am slowly running out of ideas. Can you reply to this post with any ideas for the theme? I’ll then put the best ideas in a poll.


I have 30 cents and a bag of potatoes, take it or leave it

  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Space
  • Color
  • Money

That would be plenty payment in my book, but I am not good at hacking other people.

(Joking, I would never hack someone)


Deal. I’m going to ERRADICATE THIS WHOLE GAME JAM SO THAT MY GAME WILL BE SUPERIOR AND SO THAT NOBODY CAN IMAGINE CREATING ANOTHER GAME AS INVINCIBLY SPECTACULAR AS MINE! See, the best way to win in a competition, IS TO TAKE OUT THE ENEMY BEFORE THEY EVER STAND A CHANCE! In other words, I’m doing this so that we can really have some fun. :innocent:



Contact me for a free quote.

Done. Your free hack has been used up - contact me if you would like to purchase hacking hours. Quotes are free.

Yes. Starting price is $999,999. I am open to negotiating; I am very flexible. I offer discounts on easier targets too.

Unfortunately, that is not enough for a down payment. The minimum down payment is 10% of the total (negotiable) cost. We can discuss flexible payment and financing options - we even offer credit cards with multiple tiers to make hacking hours easier to purchase:

UA Credit card tiers available

Available for anyone:

  • UA Bronze - starts at $999
    • 1% cashback on all hacks
    • 0% interest for 1 month
  • UA Silver - starts at $9,999
    • 2% cashback on all hacks
    • 0% interest for 3 months
  • UA Gold - starts at $99,999
    • 1% cashback on all purchases
    • 5% cashback on all hacks
    • 0% interest for 6 months

Available only after 99 hours of hacking spent:

  • UA Diamond - starts at $999,999
    • 2% cashback on all purchases
    • 10% cashback on all hacks
    • Extra fees removed for targets in the same competition
    • 0% interest for 12 months
    • Bonus $1000 in hacking credit, refilled yearly

Invite only:

  • UA Platinum - starts at $9,999,999
    • 3% cashback on all purchases
    • 15% cashback on all hacks
    • 0% interest for 24 months
    • Bonus $10,000 in hacking credit, refilled yearly

We also offer + and ++ variations, which increase general and hack hour cashback by 2% and 4% for only $9,999 and $99,999 more respectively.

Limitations apply. Contact me for more details.



but I’m a special customer, no (:pleading_face: :point_right: :point_left: uwu)