CODER KING, a competition

@Gideon_loves_cats wanna join?

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@marioeligi you can join

@randomuser welcome board’

@richard can you make a grand prize for this competition? Like a badge?

Is it starting now



@Lucas_M It already did, the theme for the first challenge was revealed yesterday. The theme is fairytales and the games must be submitted by 8/12/2022

@Lucas_M @SoftTalker @marioeligi @Gideon_loves_cats @randomuser @Kiwiphoenix364 @CyberPulse @S0m3_random_guy @Unique

I’ll sum up the first challenge, PAY ATTENTION PLEASE, the first theme is fairytales, you have til 8/12 to submit your games, results will come out on 8/16

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Sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be able to participate in this competition. (Also sorry for the late reply haha)

Good luck to all the participants though! I can’t wait to see who comes out on top!

I appreciate being called a “fine” Arcade user :slight_smile:

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thanks! I’ll get right on it!