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Connecting EV3 to iMac running 10.15.7 (Catalina)

I have been trying without success to pair my iMac with an EV3 brick. I go through the process, and check that the pair codes are both 0000. It connects briefly for a few seconds then disconnects. Anyone able to help? Running Firmware v1.10E (tried reinstalling this too). I can’t upgrade the Mac OS as this is the latest that my late 2013 iMac can run. It all works fine with usb connection.

Same here: After pairing the EVE goes into disconnected mode (of which some people say that’s normal). When using the experimental feature in Chrome after pairing (and being disconneted) to upload via bluetooth the Eve the cu.EV3-Serialport is offered (amongst 2 others), chosen by me but upload fails.

As much as I like the language features has to offer as much I dislike the deployment process, not to speak about the hack to delete the uf2 files… well in total an experience you would not like your kids to have to work through.