I kinda wonder if we could get some hardware similar to the retro game consoles from the 80s and 90s, ones that play cartridges and stuff, I know it might not happen but it´ll be good, plus it would be cool if we had individual cartridges but if not possible, I understand

i dont think that’s possible. you’d need to store the game’s data into the cartridge and have the console read the cartridge AND display it on a screen. At least that’s how I think cartridges work.

Well it shouldn’t be impossible, just need a 3rd party company or someone else to take up the mantle to make a prototype

Well, you didn’t mention the need for a third party company. I read it as though you wanted to make one yourself

It was just a possibility, nothing else

You are showing what looks like a “game handle” controller and some kind of a box. We already have the Meowbit for Arcade console as a type of game handle and could use another one as the “box” . We have a way to communicate between them with SD Wireless chip which I have demonstrated on YouTube: MakeCode and Arcade and MakeCode and Hardware channels. This uses ‘radio’ between Meowbits just like Micro:bit radio. We have also demonstrated Meowbit with edge connector into a T expansion board for Microbit but using the Meowbit. We also have shown the Meowbit plugged into the motor driver called Robotbit by Kittenbot (maker of Meowbit). This interconnectivity ought to allow expanding the consoles and hardware into displays; Arduino type, so signals from one controller to the other would display a game in real time. To make this happen, you need the hardware. The simulator is broken when you add the SDWireless extension and blocks for it into code. From this and our code links on the videos YouTube channels, you should be able to work it out in hardware.

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ok, sure

I’m currently drawing up prototypes for a console thats uses a raspberry pi as the mainboard and will use MicroSD cards are cartridges.