is there anyway to make cartridges
eg. using a cartridge with a micro controller in it, then that cartridge could be plugged into screen and buttons

i saw something like this, done before using the micro-bit V2

but the problem with this is that is that it is quite underpowered and doesn’t have much storage for most the games i make
my games are usually around 1.5 to 3 megabytes of storage, i guess it would be possible with the raspberry pi pico (rp2040) due to it having more storage and a lot of ram compared to a lot of other makecode-arcade compatible devices

btw it is possible to run make code arcade but there is no official support yet for
Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

microcontroller in case plugs into screen and hardware


I’ve theorized about it, but it would cost money to test. I might try something like this around summertime, when I’m not in school and can get money to try it! Probably going the raspberry pi route.


goodluck for when your testing this, could you document any progress you make?

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Of course! I’ll send updates whenever I start.

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try making it so the cartridge has the actual ROM of the game and figure out how to connect it.


idk how to do that