Turning Makecode into a commodore!

Heads up right off the baat, my keyboard is dodgy and everything either doublestrokes or doesn’t register; sorry for the errors.

Ok, there’s two questions I want to ask:

  1. Could we create aa sort of ‘Commodore’ game system where you flash a game to a ‘cartridge’, then plug that into the hardwaare through an external reader, like old consoles?
  2. I’ve seen you put mkecode projects onto Pi and Pi Zero, but I have a Pi B+; would this still work?
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You could load information onto cartridges that are actually micro:bits, that can send information to the makecode arcade physical game (i use kittenbot). Dunno about Pi B+ though!

Yes! Although I only have one microbit…

If it helps, it’s actually a pi 3 b+

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I only have one too, but this is a really cool idea :0 plus the microbits are only like 15 usd so you could get quite a few.

Yeah, I’d still do this, but I don’t really want to reflash my microbit and then change the label (I want to 3d print some little cartridge cases for the microbit to plug in)

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How would I get a microbit to constantly output data without power? I’d originally do this with sd cards…

Hey you could just make a way cheaper cartidge yourself with sautering. I might actually try that- the kittenbot has pin for outputting and inputting volts! + Much cheaper than the micro:bit. Although i might need to buy a 3d printer myself because that sounds easier than cutting the case myself

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Yeah, I might do that; I think the pi would be easier for something like this… Higher ram, more flexibility, etc

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And I’m pretty sure the pi 3 was supported experimentally… Just dunno how to get the games on it lol

I’ll look into it! this seems super fun!

OK it just works with retro pie lol might use that for now

One solution I found is to get multiple micro:bit v2’s and use a makecode arcade shield. This works because the microbit v2’s store the makecode arcade game in themselves and just have to be plugged into the shield. One problem is that the v2s are atleast 15 usd and the shield is upwards of 30 usd!

Found another- it seems that raspberry pi 0’s work with a micro SD card, so you could just change the SD card out for another game! Very cheap, the console would be 10-20 usd and the games could be 1-5 usd. I just can’t figure out how to make the pi0 run arcade, there are posts about it from the team but I don’t understand any of it haha XD I’ll get there

I’ve ruled out using the SD card slot on the meowbit, people have talked about changing the bootloader to accept games from the SD card but it seems out of reach. Although I know C/C++, the bootloader’s inner workings + how SD cards work are a mystery to me. Still thinking raspberry pi 0 is the best option.

You could also use microbit to send wireless data to meowbit, but it would be painfully slow- one string or number at a time.

sounds like the original commodore XD