could I make my own modded console ?

so I have not really any idea on electronics much, I know how to solder but can’t as I don’t have a soldering iron or that but used them at shool Wich are now unavailable , I want to know is there a way if I could possibly mod the meow it or any of the consoles I have (meow it, kitronik arcade and a pybadge arcade ) I don’t wanna break them I just want to have a bigger screen and buttons and then I can 3d print a case for it to make it look cooler and how I want but I don’t want to damage it in any way. could I somehow attach a controller or something to the meow it and have like a magnifying glass just to magnify the screen to give the illusion of it being bigger without changing the pixels or breaking the screen and then have it all in a casing ?