Why does On Score only work one time?

I have used the On Score event twice in a program…at On Score 10 and On Score 50. The code in the first event runs properly but the code in the second event (50) never runs. It appears the event can only be used once?

Could you share the code? It would make it a lot easier to diagnose the issue at hand.

Is the link ok, or should I use a screenshot?


This is obviously a little different than the previous question but gets the point across. The original question came from a students code…

I’m sorry, but I honestly have no idea what could be causing this…
It could be an internal issue/bug

Hi from NZ,

Had this issue before with some students (Using score to trigger next level) and could never get more than 1 ‘On score __’ block to trigger. We never got to the bottom of it…

This was the temporary solution that we found using the On Game Update block in conjunction with a variable score check.

Hope this is some food for thought for your student with the same issue as us!

My only thought is that it is designed to run only one time. There may be a flag in the procedure that gets set once it runs to keep it from repeating over and over. I need to look at the entire procedure in either Javascript or Python. It may be as simple as resetting the flag variable after using it but it may not be possible to do globally if the variable is defined locally only.

Thanks for looking into this…I was hoping for a quick/easy answer.