Creeper vs. Player

This used to be game design but now it is this. :rofl:

i have no words



HAHAHAHAH so so so funny!
Where did you find that?



Isn’t the internet the best?!

nice minecraft card!

I love that song

I’d also like to announce my new mode. It’s called crazy mode. Please tell me if there’s anything you might want me to add to Crazy Mode. I will be making updates. Also, feel free to post your high scores!

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It’s been awhile, I’d like to show you guys my new high score in Creeper vs. Player HARDCORE. I spent like the last week trying over and over again to get over 200.


begginer mode top link. - (Check the link in the picture and compare it with the game. I didn’t cheat!)

I got unbelievable in i think 2 tries and got 372 score (or maybe steak!)

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Wow! :slight_smile:

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how about in opposite mode your the creeper and you try to get the player before he gets a number(lets say 50) but you are slow

It’s been a while, and Hardcore Mode has become too easy. So, with further ado, I release ULTRA HARDCORE!

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Ive beaten it

I may have cheated a little bit with the console log function to know when I’m outside of the viewpoint to know my coordinates and the enemy’s coordinates

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Nice! I feel like I could easily make it harder. My PB on ultra is 591, and it took me like 3 minutes to get one food in the middle during that game.

I’ve decided to release a newer gamemode of this game. The other gamemodes and challenges are just variations of the game, but this mode involves an entirely new aspect where you are the creeper and your goal is to try to stop the player from eating the food. This is a partially luck based gamemode, but is unique compared to the other modes of "Creeper vs Player.

I also would just like to thank you all who replied to my post and took your time to play my game (which honestly can last 30 minutes if you try) because I made this game like two years ago expecting it to be something that would just get like 1-2 replies and a few plays, but I wasn’t expecting an entire thread upon this. If you have any suggestions or new modes I can implement to the game, please let me know. Here are the current list of all created gamemodes of Creeper vs. Player ™:

Normal Mode:

Faster Creeper:
Giant Creeper:
1 Life:
Tiny Food:

Luck Mode:
Timed Mode:
Bait Mode:
Opposite Mode:
Crazy Mode:
Chase Mode:


How about Multiplayer mode mhmmmmm

That will be a little hard. It won’t be online multiplayer, but I can make another player possibly control the creeper at a slower speed with J, K, L, and I. It may be a little harder, but definitely possible.