Creeper vs. Player

@Opisticks the link at the top of Creeper vs Player (Ultra Hardcore) and the link that you are using is completely different. This means you have altered the game code. So, I don’t believe you made it to 200 ngl

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I thought of a new game concept, and I made this one really funny.
This is automatic mode, where the computer plays for you. Try pausing the game at every game rank interval (0, 10, 25, 45, 70, 100, 200) to see what makecode (not me, but makecode) wants to tell you about the performance of your computer.
HOWEVER, If you want to attempt to boost the performance of your computer, pressing A on the controller or Z on your keyboard will boost your player speed by a small amount. You can press it as many times as you want.
Additionally, to help the computer out, it will gain 1 life every 10 seconds in game. Hopefully you can get it to 200 score!

I created your multiplayer mode. You can host a game or play with multiple players on the same screen. Control the player with W, A, S, D (or arrow keys) and control the creeper with J (Left), K (Down), L (Right), and I (Up).

Creeper vs. Player (Multiplayer Mode) (

I was suggested another game concept by a friend. This one I took to a whole new level. I added a completely different set of colors to make the color palette exactly what I needed for the sprites. This mode is called “Enderman vs. Player”, where your job is to eat the chorus fruit (I spent like half an hour perfecting this sprite so it is completely identical to the original one from Minecraft Java 1.9) and not get hit by the enderman. However, there’s more. Instead of the enderman just regularly following you, it will also teleport around every 7.5 seconds randomly. Don’t get surprised if it teleports right on you! Also, if you let the enderman touch the chorus fruit, it will also teleport the enderman! Watch out so you don’t get teleported on!

I can show you a video of it if i can beat it again

I don’t really have any more ideas on what I can create here. I want to keep this game active and add new gamemodes, so you’re not playing the same thing. Does anyone have any ideas for newer gamemodes?

Also, expect an update to Multiplayer Mode. Many players that I played against just camped around the food as the creeper, so it became impossible for the players to get the food when it was stuck in a corner. To fix this, I will teleport the food to a random location, and make the creeper a bit slower to allow the player to have a higher chance. The creeper being human is a little tough for the player because if the other player is smart enough, they would easily be able to predict where the player goes. I believe adding this feature will make the game more balanced and fair, so one role isn’t favored. Obviously, the player is faster than the creeper so it is possible for the player to get more score.

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Note that certain gamemodes like Hardcore and UHC allow players to exit the map to make it possible to kite the creeper further.

I have updated multiplayer mode to make it more fun and balanced.

i am really good at this game, probably the best in the world.

Note: i killed myself on purpose at 10,000 because the image would look better.
it took about 8 hours across multiple days to get this record breaking score

can you show me the full image

I’ve also thought of another unique challenge called the “Hidden Food Challenge”. This challenge isn’t like the tiny food challenge, because the size of the food is the exact same, but instead the food is the same color as the background making it completely invisible.
*Food will always remain in the screen.

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what do you mean? that is the image, and i no longer have the tab open

I don’t want to be that guy, but…
Assuming an average food pickup would take 3-5 seconds (4 avg),

4 * 10,000 = 40,000 seconds ~ 666 minutes ~ 11 hours to complete
I highly doubt that anyone would sit at their computer for 11 hours (or 8 as you claim) for a silly internet game made in a framework made for introducing kids to programming with blocks. But that’s besides the point:

  • surviving 8-11 hours being chased by the creeper is very difficult with only 3 lives, even if you are cracked at this game
  • the only provided proof is this screenshot, without showing the game link, making it very easy to cheat
  • the score is 10,000 on the dot. even though you elaborated on “stopping there to make it look good”, it still seems oddly suspicious that you reached such a round number
  • taking 8 hours to reach a score of 10,000 would mean collecting food roughly every 0.34 seconds which is literally impossible to do consistently
  • the fact you claim:

is just a terrible excuse, and i belive you would be more eager to preserve that kind of achievement, and prove it to others.

Conclusion (pretty obvious but alright):
@GamerGod cheated in the score and boasted about it on the forum


i sped up the game in the code, it just makes it easier


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well, enjoy your time, @RoboCAT


If you play for 11 hours, it would take 4 seconds avg per food, but if you take 8 hours, it would take 0.34 seconds? I’m pretty sure you mean 3.4 seconds

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I Made a version where it’s slightly visible but there are difficulties with moving backgrounds and other distracting shapes:

Oh and also mid-playthrough difficulty scaling.