Cricket Board No Longer Supported by Mircobit Makecode?

I just wondering if the Cricket Board from Adafruit is no longer support with Makecode Microbit. It does not appear in extensions and I was wondering if it was going to come back. I need to know before considering to purchase it for a class I am teaching. Thank you in advance!

I believe that’s only ever been available through the adafruit circuit playground express editor:

Here’s some information from adafruit on that one:

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This extension should work for both Microbi, Adafruit CPX and arcade since it relies on the pxt-seesaw lib. Might not be on the default list though.


Thank you!

It seems you can access the circkit extension for the microbit in makecode, but you have to use older verisons, but I will try this out. Thank you!

COuld you give details about what did not work?

I did not see the pxt-seesaw lib in the extension library of makecode for microbit. The link below is from an old Adafruit micorbit makecode cricket code that still has access to the cricket blocks.

Right, it used to be approved via organization. We need to bring those back.