Crossy Roads Optimizations

Hello there!

I attempted to recreate a version of Crossy Roads as close as possible to the real version. After several hours spread over about a week, I present a 16-tile-long Crossy Roads!

Click here for Crossy Roads v1 or import the repository from here

There are quite a lot of bugs, and the code is very messy and I’ve used a lot of code to check for mis-placed sprites, so things like trains and logs may not appear at the right time. I appreciate any help optimizing it or squashing bugs! :smile:


I love the train! Such a cool effect

Thanks. On a real device, I think it looks even better!


@UnsignedArduino in MakeCode in the github page, click on “Create Release” after commiting your changes. It will upload a pre-compiled version of your game to GitHub pages.

@peli, are you asking me to do so?
I can do it if you want to see it, but I am making version 2 that allows the game to go on forever since the original version was limited by the size of the tilemap.

Version 2 uses arrays to store the tilemap, and should considerably reduce memory usage compared to version 1.

See Crossy Roads 2 v0.1.0 here or the Github repository here.

You can only really look at it though since I only started this a couple of days ago. :man_shrugging: :neutral_face:

You can keep using the same repo for all your versions :). Once you have commited your changes, you can click on “Create Release”.

I would have kept using the same repo but I really wanted a clean slate.

Now that I think about it, it seems unnecessary that I created a new repo.
Thanks for telling me :slight_smile:

Also, I’m not using the TypeScript editor (Using blocks :slight_smile:), so it doesn’t pop up when I click the button to commit to Github. I will just upload a UF2 file and a PNG file.
(BTW, the PyGamer UF2 is the same for the PyBadge and EdgeBadge right?)

See Crossy Roads 2 v0.2.0 here - You can now control the chicken! :smile:
See Crossy Roads 2 v0.3.0 here - There are moving cars!
See Crossy Roads 2 v0.4.0 here - You can die from idling. (Here comes the eagle)

Try again on for the latest GitHub support

I’ve figured out how to make a release.

Thanks @peli

You can see it here

Did you make the release from the web site? MakeCode should have done it automatically for you :slight_smile:

I made the release from the Github website myself.

I’ll try again from the computer when I can

I also got Crossy Roads 2 v1.0.1 out here