Presenting: Crossy Roads 2 v1.4.3

Hello there,
I hope this post finds you safe and healthy.
If you have been here a while, you will probably recognize this.
It’s (my best replication) of Crossy Roads.

You can view it on Github here at (Thanks @peli for helping me with Github releases)
If there are any bugs, (which there will be, I am sure of that) please tell me.
EDIT: I just released Crossy Roads 2 v1.4.3. There should be no more crashes on startup.and you won’t be able to move while you are dead (That was a bug in previous versions).


@UnsignedArduino if you use the “Create Release” from MakeCode (beta, it will generate a GitHub Pages with your compiled game. It’s a slick way to get a full screen experience for your game with fast load time.

I got it to work @peli.

Thanks a lot!

But remember I said in a different thread that I created the releases myself?

I’m on version 1.4.3.

MakeCode Arcade thinks I’m on version 0.0.1.

And BTW, there are a couple of glitches in the beta editor.

But the game still works completely fine.

And is there a way to change the font? I personally do not like it, just saying. I like the original font better :man_shrugging:

The editor pulls the version number from the “version” field in pxt.json. So if you update that field in your source, it should be consistent again.

The animation toolbox looks busted too. Thanks for reporting.

Thank you for helping me! :smile:

We’ve recently upgraded blockly and probably missed an update here. Issue

Looks amazing in the GitHub pages -->

The right button doesn’t on Github pages :frowning:

It works in the editor

What do you expect the right button to do?

Move the chicken one tile to the right.

The left, up and down buttons work.