Cube Run Comeback (CR 19)

So I've been toying around with my Makecode Skills with blocks and found that some interesting mechanics could be added to Cube Run. The original game has ground, spikes, drip spikes, teleporters, goal, spawn, spawn land block and that's about it. Not even movement was in the very first Cube Run, the Player would move with involuntary acceleration. The mechanics of the game have improved drastically since the first original game.
The new mechanics in Cube Run #19 in particular add some interesting features. Earlier Cube Run's introduced a feature that allowed the Player to save their game and progress at every checkpoint and completed level. When the game was opened, the Player was given the option to load the save file, if the Player declined, the save file was erased. The save file is also erased if: The player gets the game over and if the player completes the game.
The actual mechanics introduced in Cube Run #19 are Water, Refined Sprinting, Deep Water, Thick Water, Oxygen Meter/Bar, Ground Bomb, Air Bomb, Bomb Activator, Keycoin(s), and Shroom Intelligence. The Water drags down the Player when the Player touches it. The Oxygen Meter is activated and starts decreasing once the Player touches Deep or Thick Water, but cancels once the Player stops overlapping both the Deep and Thick Water. The Oxygen Bar fills up instantaneously once the Player is out of deeper water. The Bomb Activator activates all bombs (both ground and air) within the level when touched.
The Ground and Air bombs have different animations but are both deadly during the actual explosion. No smoke is left behind from the blast and no blocks are destroyed either. The Air Bomb sprite design has a balloon carrying it, (Sprite Design not done by me, Done by a co-creator who makes some sprites). Both the bomb detonation animations were also made by the same co-creator who makes some sprite designs. The bomb detonation animation itself lasts 804 milliseconds. Now at the time of uploading this message to the forums, not all animations and sprite designs in Cube

Run #19 is complete.
The Keycoin is another interesting and new feature. The Keycoin brings along with it blocks that are solid. Once all of the Keycoins in the level are collected, the Solid Keycoin Blocks switch to unlocked mode and don’t become solid anymore, and become transparent. The Keycoin (when collected) plays a melody at 1000 BPM. The Keycoin amount per level has no limit and no minimum either. The blocks unlocking makes no sound and unlocks silently. The blocks have a different design when unlocked.
The Shroom intelligence has its uses in the Cube Run Series. Originally, the 4 different types of Shrooms were stationary and didn’t move in any direction no matter the circumstances. Now, the 4 different types of shrooms behave like the Death_Cube, moving left if it hits a wall on the right, and moving right if it hits a wall on the left, and starting with an X Velocity. Both entities share the same intelligence, just with different names and SpriteKinds.
While Cube Run #19 is still undergoing some development, In Level Designs, Music, Animations, and some Sprite Designs. The main mechanics and updated functions and code are complete. The opening level in Cube Run #19 at the moment is a test that tests the mechanics of Cube Run #19, (Not all, but some). I like to refer to Cube Run #19 as the ‘Refresher’ update since it enhances a lot of functions and makes them better and eliminates errors. Refresher is also called that since it adds new things and is the first Cube Run in a long time.