Cube Run - Update

Three new games have been added to the mainline Cube Run Series. Those games have all been added: Big Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, Ladder, Wings, Auto Mover, and The 3-UP. I’m working on the ability to be able to sprint while holding ‘B’. This makes 15 Cube Run Games in total now! But Cube Run #15 is under development because I am still working on the ability to sprint. Warning: Opening the code for Cube Run #12 or above might crash a window or tab or even computer, so be careful, there are over 4,600+ blocks in Cube Run #15. Here is the document that contains all of the links to the Cube Run Games:

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I will speedrun this whole thing

good luck, it’s hard

It Took me a lot of time I speedruned it in 10 minutes and 27 seconds

The entire thing, the 15 part series???

yep thats why it took me 2 months