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Hi! I would like to add an Arduino Mega board to the makecode platform. I am working on a AI project and a bigger board is needed (Arduino Mega is our chosen one). Ive seen the webpage: but even with this information im not sure how to do it. Is there any way you could add it for me? Or could you explain me how to do it in an easier way?. thank you

Unfortunately we don’t support AVR microcontrollers like the Arduino Mega

Thank you for the fast response! Do you think that an Arduino Due would be possible to add then? I am trying to look for a board with as many pins as possible and that it can be added to makecode.

You will probably want an a board that has an ATSAMD51/21, as stated in the porting instructions.

Adafruit carries a board called the Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express. It has a lot of IO pins and should meet the specs required.


Yes, this should be fairly straightforward. Just clone an existing metro-m4 and add the new pins in configuration. You can read the pin numbers from schematics (which Adafruit always makes available).

Please note that Maker editor is only supported on a best-effort basis, so don’t expect the quality of other MakeCode products like micro:bit or Arcade.

Hello @mmoskal @richard, @graceuria and I are trying to add the Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express board to a local MakeCode maker server before sending you a pull request. We got some errors regarding the config.ts. After building this file according to the information we found in:, we got the following errors:

It seems like MakeCode doesn’t support the Port C and Port D pins currently, does it?
Please, let us know if you have an idea about how to approach this. Thank you!