CyberPulse Game Anouncement Blog

Welcome to my personal announcement blog!
I think I remember saying that I’ll make a 3D deathmatch version of venge, but now we have the multiplayer extension (that doesn’t do much but simplify the online multiplayer)

I am making a 2D version for now.

So say hi to the WIP game, Venge: Deathmatch Classic.
You get different classes ranging from the ‘Medic’ all the way to the ‘Rifleman’.


yeah i think ill wait until the 3d multiplayer comes out… soorrryyyyy
BUT! You will get another game, SKYBOUND: Awakening.
In this game you will be fighting in the air, but get grounded (literally), and fight with what you have on the ground.

Also, there will be a “book” along with the game, and has basically all the lore.
And don’t worry, I’m not going to abandon this project.


Alrighty, so the book is going to release after the game, just to let everyone know.

seems cool!