Dark Dungeon Help

Hello there! I need help making a top-down fighting game called Dark Dungeon. It’s about a corpse coming to life and fighting Enemies. It will have dialog, effects, action-packed gameplay, and maybe more features.

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what you need i will pause on my projects bc its kinda now pretty boring what do you need?

Well, I want it to have a good combat system, interactive levels, and smart enemies.

ok show me youre current project do you want it to see a certain part of a area not around it?

Sorry ii downloaded a extension so i can do the animation part

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IF you can tell me how to post my games i can help you

and sorry im late

just pase the link and you will be fine it will show in the editor only the link but in the preview section it will show a box

Hope this helps @Opisticks

Hey, yall! I had a lot of personal stuff This weekend but I still have something to show.

I hope you like it. -TZG.

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wow i amost forgot about this
ok Im gonna do the music

V0.0.3 Is here!


I forgot about this for a while, I will do the enemies,Boss,and NPC,s

Im sorry, but im able to make this project. I have other things to work on. Anyone can continue making the game. But just say it was my idea. Heres the lore. A century ago, a king named Ragernaut stopped a dark dragon, Willanaq from getting all the Orbs of elements. Now that the king has the orbs, he gets Currupted by greed. The Willanaq decides to kidnapped the king, curse him, and lock him in tomb full of labyrinths, monsters, and spirits to stop him or anyone. But the king is awaken by curse and now a walking corpes and collects the orbs once more to stop this cult.

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