Dash, the best makecode game i have ever made!

dash is an endless runner with randomly generated levels, currently there are 3 building blocks for a level but i plan to add more
building blocks:

  1. Floor can be 3 to 9 tiles long, each tile has a 10% chance to see a coin above it

  2. Platform, the floor next to it is a random length

  3. spikes, 2 spikes next to eachother


  1. Settings menu

  2. Save system that has Coins, highscore and settings

  3. portals once u get far enough that teleport you (i added this due to the 256 tile, tilemap limitation)

  4. MainMenu with a cool starting effect!

  5. parallax scrolling

  6. custom effects like a trail of dust when the charterer runs on the floor or when i collect a coin

im planning on adding more features like a shop where u can spend your coins for power ups and skins!

any suggests welcome

warning: this game has slight blood but it can be turned off in settings


nice game.

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probably shouldn’t title your own game as the best…

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game is fire I have never seen a game with this much detail!

  1. This game has rlly cool and somewhat unique background. :heart_eyes:
  2. It uses sound effects in player-appealing ways. :smiling_face:
  3. It has particle effects!? :astonished: (pls help idk how to use them :sob:)
  4. The game loop is cleanly looped. :weary: (like how?)

well considering how he put it, he didnt say it was the best, but that out of all of his own projects, he condones this project out of all his games the best. his games, but I do think saying his best game so early could be a bit too early-


Pretty cool :+1:


yeah, i did not say it was the best game i said it was my best game


sry abt that :sweat_smile:

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