god this game is really challenging but it’s really fun!!! ngl I took a minute or so to figure out that if you collide with the first block, you stopped jumping :sweat_smile:

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New Version, more coming





Oh I died so many times haha. Looking forward to more levels, this was super fun!


yeah! there should be a death counter


Nice game! Goes to show you don’t have to have a lot a code to come up with a really fun game.


and by the way, do you have any ideas on what the next version should be

I use the Spite overlap on said tile the most

Newer Version!!!

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Yeah! I think it’d be awesome to have a counter that goes up each time you die, like Richard said, so we could compete to see who finishes the game with the fewest deaths. :smiley:

Other ideas: you could add a “bounce/trampoline” tile where you hit it and it boosts you up twice as high, with a big jump after so the player has to hit the tile to make the jump. Or speed boost tiles that increase the player speed for a little while? Or slowdown tiles, for the player to dodge? You could also add stars/coins for points, so that people could try to “fully complete” a level by collecting all the stars. And in general, more levels mixing and matching these mechanics would be super fun!

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why did this happen, and how do I fix it

(That wuz the sound of me going insane while typing

The game is now broken, so I will be making a different part of the game

hey, um, can someone help me??? look

. Normally it would have a little arrow where the tiles are, I was trying to go to the next page of tiles, but there is no arrow, is there on yours

It looks like the arrows are hidden because your screen is too short to show them:

If there’s any way to get more window height, they should be there. This is likely a bug on our end as even on small screens you should be able to access all controls, I’m checking with the team…

Update: yup, it’s a bug. We’re tracking it here: https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade/issues/2957