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Day Three =]

I am not familiar with the fastest computers in the world, but istm that
“A quantum computer can complete a task in 200 seconds that would take Summit 10,000 years to complete!”
ought to be that it “could” since they haven’t been implemented in sufficient capacity to be better than the Summit computer? or are they? This confuses me.

Also Jeannette M. Wing’s “Computational Thinking” Article is pretty vocabulary heavy - recursion, decomposition, aliasing, reduction, parallel processing, false positives… it is a real word salad. I know these are supposed to be college level reading, but how do you handle these laden readings with your classes? It might take an entire class period to jigsaw out this puzzle!

My students love the class. Just looking for input here! Thanks!

Since Google makes quantum computers available as a service, I’d say that qualifies for “sufficient capacity.”[1] To be fair, the computers are not yet available to the general public. Still … I’d say this is a significant amount of resources.

Regarding the specific statement that you quoted, the statement comes from Google itself, attesting to its own Sycamore quantum computers. Photonics did a pretty good summary of the research,[2] and a link to the original research in Nature is provided at the end.[3] Google also put together a really cool promo video as it demonstrated what it calls “quantum supremacy.”[4]

As for Dr. Wing’s article (or any other article that is jargon-heavy), distill the main points presented in the article. When the students have become stronger with the vocabulary later in the year, then revisit a portion of the article and dive a little deeper.

You also could visit the concept of computational thinking with additional resources, especially if the students are having difficulty with the main points in the article. You can find presentations given by Dr. Wing herself on YouTube, including one presented by Microsoft Research.[5] You may also like a video presented by Harvard as part of their CS50 course,[6] or perhaps take a side trip with an unplugged lesson on computational thinking from[7]

I love seeing feedback on this course! Thanks for sharing!

[1] Hardware | Google Quantum AI
[2] Sycamore vs. Summit: Google Claims Quantum Supremacy | Tech Pulse | Dec 2019 | Photonics Spectra
[3] Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor | Nature
[4] Demonstrating Quantum Supremacy - YouTube
[5] Computational Thinking - YouTube
[6] CS50 2019 - Lecture 0 - Computational Thinking, Scratch - YouTube
[7] Unplugged Lesson in Action - Computational Thinking - YouTube

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Hugely helpful, thanks! I hate trying to teach what I barely understand myself and these supercomputers are outside of my wheelhouse.
Your video suggestions are great. I had found some other links and I think I will use them instead for reading at this point.
I very much appreciate your prompt response, especially since I posted yesterday and I am teaching it today. :]
ty again.

Happy to help, and so glad you found the response useful!

I try to get on the forums every day, and I know the MakeCode staff are here frequently. They frequently respond to queries about the AP CSP course.

Keep those questions coming!

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