Deleting pre-loaded games from Raspberry Pi

My students and I built an arcade cabinet with a Raspberry Pi to play Makecode Arcade games. Everything works great, except there are a handful of games that were preloaded with the OS. I only want games my students created to be on the machine, but I can’t seem to be able to delete them. They are visible in the project folder when I am connected via USB, I can delete them, but they won’t disappear from the game menu. Anyone else encounter this?

the USB drive you get when you connect the pi is actually a “fake” drive, so certain actions like deleting files won’t do anything. that being said, you can delete the projects from the sdcard if you open it with another computer! i don’t remember the exact path where projects are stored, but it shouldn’t be tough to find it. just make sure you don’t delete the .menu game in there, that one is required!

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Thanks! I really appreciate it. That did the trick. While I you’re here, any idea how to get audio from a Raspberry Pi Zero? It’s connected to a monitor via HDMI, but the monitor doesn’t have built-in sound. The monitor has one HDMI and a VGA port. I tried using powered USB speakers through the Pi, but had no luck.