Dessert Survival

This is a game I made where you must dodge an oncoming rain of deadly desserts for five minutes in order to win. Collect bonus lives and try to get the highest score, as you earn one point per second, and lose ten per collision with a dessert. Enjoy! :cake: :doughnut: :heart:

I made this game because I was thinking of my previous game Desert Survival, and then realized that I could totally make a game about dessert survival as well! :smiley:


lol you made Dessert Survival and Dessert Survival


and you changed youre profile photo again right?

Yeah, I decided that I like the oriole picture more.

what game are you making next desert (when somebody leaves you Example Youre dad gets milk but there is milk in the freezer) survivial

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Iā€™m not sure, but since Desert Survival was my most popular game, I will probably make another desert survival type of game.

desert survival dessert survival XD

try desert dessert survival (ditching dessert)