DHS Tool for Hacking/Debugging Games by Dahbix

Hello! Its been a while! Ive made this some time ago actually but never posted it! Its a tool to debug or hack in games!
Basically you get a menu that lets you change:
Player 1,2,3,4 Lives and Score
3 Number Variables
3 Text Variables
3 Booleans

You can use this menu by putting the DHS code (Dahbix Hacking Solutions) into the game you want to hack! Then you rename the variables from for example from variable “Money” you change it to num1 that way DHS can let you change num1 You can also make something in an on Game update that sets Money to num1 or whatever!

Menu Button: Open the DHS Menu
Up, Down, Left, Right: Navigate
A: Select

Use DHS for Hacking or Debugging

Please use DHS responsibly and do not use DHS for actual competitions like speedruns
I wont take responsibility if it breaks ur game (make a copy first)

More instructions are in the comment thing in the code!

Have fun hacking/Debugging while playing

I will try to make an “AntiCheat” which prevents you as hard as possible from installing DHS! Add this when ur game is finished to make it harder to hack the game! Coming in a year or so idk!


This is pretty cool might add to my game.
Does it read sprite data as part of the debugging. Also looks like hacking software. Could definitely be use for doing that, but to hack the game you would have to edit the code so maybe not hacking. Any ways nice tool!

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It’s not cheating to give your self infantile lives in your own games.


i made an “Anticheat”