Does serial redirect interrupt radio comms?


I’m connecting to a MonkMakes CO2 sensor which requires a serial redirect
Having done so I find that radio comms won’t work

Because the serial is redirected, I can’t chart or log CO2 data, so I wanted to send it over radio to another microbit which would do the logging or console charting


There shouldn’t be a problem. One of the micro:bit examples of data collection does exactly that: (The receiver uses radio and serial).

Can you share the code that you’re using for both the sender and receiver? (Via a URL, as shown here:


Thanks Bill

The sending code is here:

No need for the receiver code as the sending is the one that is not working

Works OK if I remove the radio blocks

The idea behind the radio blocks is that serial redirect won’t work with logging either

Have tried on both V1 & V2 ( on V2 only obviously)

Any ideas?