Download .hex file to Meowbit?

Does anyone know how to download a .hex file to Micro:bit based Meowbit by Kittenbot as pictured in this advert photo, so as to operate inputs and outputs from the expansion board? Thx. (OK, it is possible that they are intending to work with MicroPython on the Meowbit, not MakeCode. So, does anyone know anything about this? Is it possible to quickly switch from Arcade to some other programming environment in order to do physical coding with Meowbit? ) ! No, this definitively shows them coding Meowbit with MakeCode blocks:

did you figure this out? You can definitely download MakeCode to the Meowbit

Yes, @joshmarinacci, I did figure it out. As far as I can tell there is no way to download a .hex file to an Arcade supported hardware (console) but we have been downloading .uf2 files to Meowbit and other hardware . My question was about writing code and saving it as a .hex and then using that in Arcade hardware. Not possible. We have many examples now of using motors and senors in Arcade with expansion power boards like Robotbit and Superbit driven by Meowbit and even using Jacdac to control bot cars and battle bots from one console to another using MakeCode Arcade. . Examples with code are at YouTube, MakeCode and Arcade channel and also the MakeCode and Hardware channel.