Where can i download addons hex files?

I need to manually download the hex files for addons that are avalible on microsoft makecode and mount them onto another microbit coder but i cant seem to find andy downloads for the hex files. Does anyone know where i can get the addons hex files? (I want the addon for the Kitronik :GAME controller specifically)

Hi @Swmboy ,

There are several similar ideas about extensions and hex files. I’m not sure which you mean, so I’m going to describe many of them:

You can add a MakeCode extension to another MakeCode project by following the directions here: https://support.microbit.org/support/solutions/articles/19000054952-makecode-extension-and-tutorial-approval . You can search for the extensions for the :GAME.

Kitronik has instructions specifically for the :GAME ZIP 64 here: https://kitronik.co.uk/blogs/resources/game-zip-64-makecode-blocks and the :GAME here: https://kitronik.co.uk/collections/accessories-for-the-bbc-micro-bit/products/5644-game-controller . Parts of the pages describe or show how to use them with the micro:bit.

MakeCode extensions are specific to MakeCode. You can’t add the MakeCode extension to a different editor, like the Python editor. If you want to use the :GAME in a different editor/environment (something other than MakeCode), Kitronik may support some of the other editors. You may want to look at the Kitronik page and contact them: https://kitronik.co.uk/ .

If you just want to download the .hex file so you can copy it to a different micro:bit, you can simply unplug the micro:bit from the computer, hit the Download button and it will download a .hex file to your computer. You can see the Drag-and-Drop video here: https://microbit.org/get-started/first-steps/set-up/ to copy it to another micro:bit.

If you already have a .hex file that was created by MakeCode, you can import it back in to MakeCode too: https://support.microbit.org/support/solutions/articles/19000065686-how-do-i-import-my-editor-scripts-and-hex-files-