Hey folks,

This is a game I started a long time ago but haven’t posted until now. It’s finally gotten to the point where it’s too big to work on so I’m just going to release it as is. I present: DUNGEON

Some features:

  1. 100% written in blocks
  2. Procedurally generated dungeons (different every time)
  3. Over 90 tilemaps!

Hope you enjoy it! There isn’t really a “game over” screen, but there is an end. If you get to a really big room then you’ve beaten it.

p.s. This project is so big that most computers have a hard time opening it in blocks. Be warned that you might hang your browser if you try to import it. Also, I apologize for the code. I got pretty lazy towards the end :smile:


Wow. That was shockingly fun to play. Great job!

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It was a really fun game! Just I couldn’t load it onto my Brainpad Arcade, when I did I waited at least an hour but it just didn’t load. But really fun game!


@Icicles I haven’t tested it on the brainpad, it might not work. It does work on the pybadge/pygamer (or at least did work)

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dude see the new update of the amazing maze if you can thanks send me an email if you like

OMG!! this is amazing.
I love this, congrats!


man ive been playing a lot and i think i keep going in circles

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welp i am really lucky
394th try: 20 seconds