Arcade Advanced Stream #171 - Help Desk

You asked and we (hopefully) answered!

Join @darzu, @jwunderl, @richard, and me as we answer your questions from Need Help? Ask us anything! Let us know if this was helpful or not and if you’d like to see us do this segment again :smiley:

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Timestamps for specific questions!
4:14 Favorite coding language
7:47 Favorite extensions
9:17 Procedural generation
13:46 Custom sprite effects
16:54 Bounce back after being hit by enemy
22:45 Custom dialog borders
29:22 Sprites saying different things
31:15 Day/night extension
35:06 How color works
41:16 Debug minimap problem

And here are the links for things we mentioned / code we made!
:star:Richard’s dungeon game: Dungeon
:star:Dungeon on stream: Arcade Advanced Stream #83 - A very boring dungeon
:star:Procedurally generated sprites: Arcade Advanced Stream #98 - Shannon's Potion Refinery
:star:Hacky way to do custom sprite effects: Arcade Advanced Stream #113 - Custom Sprite Effects
:star: Sprite bounce back code:
:star: Example of character saying different things based on in game conditions: Arcade Advanced Stream #46 - Haunted Home Ownership
:star: Minimap Extension: Minimap extension beta

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For the minimap tilemap, I want to make it so that there are walls at pixel positions. I want the player to be able to fire dirt and make land. I want the land to be stood on.

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Ah, so a voxel type game!

This is a great goal. Unfortunately these are some of the most challenging types of games to do in normal game engines, and I don’t think tilemaps + minimaps will be performant enough for this today.

@Richard, @jwunderl, can you guys think of the easiest way to do this? The collision detection seems the hardest.

I kind-of did this in my ocean-jam game -

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Writing a separate physics engine and plugging it in is going to be the best option for properly supporting this - the general purpose physics engine we default to has a few too many concessions to run efficiently for this sort of thing / needs to make different assumptions / limitations. I feel like Noita might have some dev logs for implementation I read before (or some game that I thought looked like Noita at least) that might be interesting for this sort of thing.

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That was a very nice stream, but sadly I couldn’t make it :frowning:

For the record, if I couldn’t use Arcade then I would use Python on a computer or CircuitPython on hardware. But Arduino C still holds a special place in my heart because I started coding with it, no matter how annoying it is defining types and concating strings and adding semicolons everywhere and placing brackets everywhere and how cryptic the compile messages can be…but it’s insanely fast…


I think I did it!