Dungun Game


Does anyone want to try to make a multiplayer adventure game???

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@Dreadmask197 didn’t you say you were going to make this multiplayer? I can’t do it myself

I didn’t say I was going to make one multiplayer, I said" does anyone WANT to make a multiplayer game

Sorry. The school has been getting in my way lately so I haven’t had much time. I usually try to code during independent work time after I finish work. I’m in 8th grade and they give me a lot of work.


By the way? Do you want me to make this multiplayer for this game?

Ah, no worries I understand!

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I’ll see if I could turn this game here multiplayer

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Hey @UnderwaterAstronaut @MopishCobra75!! I finished a two player game of your dungeon maze. I also fixed animations so when you’re not walking, the animation will stop and made two player controls and stuff. I finished the game so I hope you like it.
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Nice, thank you dude!

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This game is good

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This took me a while for doing images and copying and pasting a lot of stuff for the 2nd player

It is good, the second player is the best for the last level, I think that the last one is the hardest.

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Does anyone know how to make a sprite jump, I don’t understand how to do it

Do you want to use the “A” button to jump?

yes, but I don’t know what coding to use to make myself jump

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Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 2.19.10 PM
Ok so- what you do is take an “on _ button pressed” block and put a conditional. Once you do that, you’ll take a “MySprite VY velocity”. Take a boolean and put it into the conditional. Make sure it says only to jump when the sprite is not already replying. (Do this by saying “if MySprite VY Velocity = 0”) Then you can play around with how high you want to jump in the "set MySprite VY to “___”. Make sure the number is negative or else it will make you go down rather that up.

Okay, thank you, I needed that help

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