Erde V0.01

This is my new game Erde this is just V0.01 so it will get better over time

press menu or use the desk in the house to craft a shield or a set of armor


Looks cool! cannot wait to play! I love games like this! In Fact I’m making a game like this right now!

I made the map bigger, made more skins, and added a save feature. (press the menu button to save or craft)

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how do you play is it like a game from the legend of zelda? i want to know

I added a sword to craft and a thing at the start that tells the controls. I don’t how to fix it so you need exactly 2 gold to make a sword, 3 gold to make a shield, and 5 gold to make armor. If anyone knows how to fix that please tell me! (also I’m running out of ideas to add to the game, please suggest any ideas you have or add them yourself.)

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I added mining and building!
Press b to mine a tree or woodblock and press a to place a woodblock

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Erde has a save feature but it only saves where you are on the tilemap. if anyone knows how to save the amount of gold you have or save what you build, please help!

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cool game. its obviously still in beta though

My god this update, just press controls if you don’t know what to do. I deleted some stuff it didn’t need and added some stuff it did.

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Hello everyone sorry it has been so long but I added a tent for 5 gold, it protects you from zombies but you can’t walk to get gold. I’m currently working on a way to actually beat the game and once the makecode team adds multiple screens for online multiplayer I will be adding multiplayer.