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Error messages on DF Robot MicroMaqueen code from the Company Error No Error

The first link is from the DF Robot Micro Maqueen web page and it is supposed to install code for Microbit for their “game handle” remote control of the bot car. I get error messages when I download the code but when I then copy that code in JavaScript and paste it into blank MakeCode program with both the Maqueen and game handle extensions I see no errors, second example. Anyone have an idea why?

Hi @frank_schmidt

It looks like the example project is linked to an older version of the extension. When you create your own version you use the most recent version of the extension. You can force the linked project to update by clicking “Edit Code” then:

  1. Switch the Blocks/JavaScript slider to JavaScript.
  2. In the left hand panel below the simulated micro:bit there’s an “Explorer” button with a down error (to reveal details). Click the down error.
  3. On the line with the gamePad extension there’s the version number (01154557 originally) that’s a reload button. Click the button to update to the newest version.

You may want to notify the source of the link that they should: update the project, “Share” it, and then use the link to the updated/shared project rather than this one.