[Extension] Strings - Useful character collections

I’ll keep this one short, because the extension I’ve made today is a very small one. Very similar and inspired by the python module with the same name, the strings namespace is just a collection of constants that might come in handy. This extension is JS exclusive. If there’s demand for it, I might update it to support blocks

Available constants

Digits - this constant includes all the digits from 0-9, in string form.

strings.digits -> "0123456789"

Lowercase letters - this constant includes the english alphabet in lowercase only

strings.lowercase -> "abc...xyz"

Uppercase letters - this constant includes the english alphabet in uppercase only

strings.uppercase -> "ABC...XYZ"

Special characters - this constant includes special characters from the standard ASCII table. Only usual special characters are included, letters with motifs or rarely used/proprietary/broken symbols were omitted

strings.special -> "!\"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_{|}~`"

Whitespace - this constant includes empty or invisible characters (space & tab)

strings.whitespace -> " \t" //(\t is the escape character for tab)

Letters - this constant is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters from the english alphabet

strings.letters -> "abc...xyz" + "ABC...XYZ"

Alphanumeric - this constant includes the full upper and lowercase alphabet as well as digits

strings.alphanumeric -> "abc...xyz" + "ABC...XYZ" + "0...9"

Ascii - this constant includes most visible standard ascii character commonly used (upper and lowercase letters, digits and special characters)

strings.ascii -> "abc...xyz" + "ABC...XYZ" + "0...9" + "!\"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_{|}~`"

And, that’s the whole extension! It’s just a namespace with a bunch of exported constants I quickly put together. I mainly made it to make development easier for myself, but I decided to share it so others can use these constants in their code too!

You can import the extension from here:


So no ñ?

It’s supposed to be a set of constants for quick lookup like digits and letters. Special letters were not included