Fashion game

Game for girls. We change dresses and hats. Save the dressed up girls on the right side of the screen. Press B to clear this gallery.

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Dressed up dolls now have doubled size. Used extension Sprite Transforms.

Thanks for this @alex812 ; in an effort to learn “design thinking” for our computer science we will have the girls (and boys) add instruction and information text to this game as in this example. Here’s also a link to one state’s efforts along this line of education:

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Hi @frank_schmidt, the game has become more attractive! May be better to use the latest version. In addition to improving the look of dressed dolls, also the error fixed - the player shouldn’t leave the field on the right .

I will try this on hardware: consoles. I have had trouble with sprite transforms extension on Meowbit and PyGamer on some occasions ; I think it might take up too much processing power even though it works on simulator. I will report back. Thanks @alex812

I slightly tweaked your version of the game, now the player cannot leave the field. The sprite-transformed version works pretty well on my Game Go.

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I guess I was confused, @alex812 , I thought you meant “sprite Transforms” as this extension that I installed; like she does hand-stands:

Updated. After pressing “A” and saving a doubled-size clothed girl, it appears without its old clothes.