Fast Random extension

A blocks extension for fast random! So you can have seeding and separate RNGs for different elements of your games! (Thanks @richard)

Current blocks:

Hopefully, they are self-explanatory.


Time to close ! :wink:


Shortened the blocks: (because we all hate really long block statements. Or at least I do)


Building own extensions I Know block menu extension

Can you tell me how to download and install Character, Lantern & Word Extension

To import an extension:

  1. Expand the Advanced tab:
  2. Click on Extensions at the very bottom:
  3. At the very top of the screen you should see that:
  4. When you want to download an extension but only a link is provided, paste that link in. For @richard’s character extension, it is For @felixtsu’s lantern extension, it is I don’t understand by what you mean Word extension???
  5. If you paste in one of the links and press Enter, then a box should pop up:
  6. Click on the box. Then in the toolbox it will show up!

I have written down all the links to these useful extensions and more here. :wink:

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Word Extension looks like a block menu extension

Can you post the link to it here? Do you mean the text sprite extension???

Create text sprite you mean.

& How would player 1 controls the player with camera following & player 2 camera following.

Multiplayer cameras do that

Ah, I wouldn’t use that extension. I would use the text sprite extension instead which is “verified” and can do the same things and more. You can change the text as much as you want and there can be outlines, etc.

You can’t do that in Arcade AFAIK :frowning:

Then who uses this extension

TBH, I don’t even know who made it and when. :thinking:

Why do you want to use it?

Because I was making Legends Of The Hidden Temple In Arcade Makecode

Do you have any reason to favor the word extension over the text extension? :thinking:

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Ya, But What About The Scroller Extension That I Fond Out On Save The Baby Dinosaurs

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Sprite Utils & Shader Extension Also

Do you want the link?

Yes I Think So