Fire! (Game and Watch remake)

I remade the classic game and watch! it is not too much like the original, but is still pretty fun to play.

use left and right arrow keys to play


I liked the game! The sprites are very good.

Hah so fun!

nice design

This is great!!! :clap:
Screenshot 2023-02-16 115127


Short, simple, and repeat. But that’s also what makes Game and Watch so fun and addicting. Great game!


Am I the only one who maniacally watches the people from the building fall helplessly without saving them?


your not the only one i had it on repeat and a platform that I coded to always press A so game cant even be finished MWHAHAHAH

thank you! i was looking for this but i thought it was impossible to make can you make oil panic too?


Oil Panic? Sure! I was having trouble deciding what game and watch to do next, and that is a great idea! I’ll try to work on it when I have free time, so it might be a couple weeks for it to be finished.

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interesting topic :thinking:

Very funny!
I tried to deploy this game onto consoles for my daughters.
But the it display abnormal.

Guess scaled by:

namespace userconfig {
export const ARCADE_SCREEN_WIDTH = 240
export const ARCADE_SCREEN_HEIGHT = 180

Unfortunately, this works only in simulatoer. Do you have plan make a version with 160x120 size?

Yes, I was actually debating whether to make a regular size version, but it never came up, so I brushed it off. I could make a smaller version, it is very simple, just make the sprites 0.75 size, and multiply all of the x and y changes by 0.75. It might be a while before I finish it, so if you want it soon, you might be able to do it yourself.

here it is:


Yep, I can do it myself. But I prefer “official” version. :smile: In case any update/remake version in future based on this, are all regular size.

Same lol