Forum Survey Results!

Some initial results for the forum survey, which you can still fill out here:

General Stats

How people found the forums and why they’re here:

Editor popularity (probably not very surprising results here, haha)

Coding experience (cut off line reads “Some experience, mostly with blocks”):


Feature requests and issues! These are all the items that more than one person requested or brought up as a problem, ranked in order of frequency.

Least favorite feature:

  1. Lag! Unresponsive editor interface, slow error reporting in text coding, etc
  2. Projects sometimes deleting themselves :frowning:
  3. Documentation: of typescript features, general game engine behavior, extensions
  4. Hard to organize big programs

Most requested features:

  1. Customizable screen size
  2. Flip/rotate of images in the sprite (and animation, tilemap) editors
  3. Sound editor, ability to make more custom sounds
  4. More than 16 colors
  5. C# coding
  6. Sprite/sound import
  7. Better physics
  8. Better workspace and block organization (dragging multiple blocks, grouping)
  9. Search for a specific block within the workspace (workspace ctrl+f)

Also @shakao I found a glitch! It is an error whic says that there is an error so the game can not start! So I pressed on the debug mode but the error was not shown… It mostly is if there is a block from an extension that is missing e.g the right variable… But soetimes it is hard to find!


It’s not a glitch, if it’s a compiling[?] error it can’t show you in blocks mode. If it’s a runtime error, than the debugger will show you what blocks have an error.

Yep, it’s a compile error! We definitely have a work item to improve error messages in blocks overall–it’s hard to see the specific place where you have an error, especially as programs get large. The plan is to eventually introduce a list of errors that will take you to the right block when you click on it. :slight_smile:


Just a quick thought in workspaces: if we could have multiple sheets and/or be able to filter by block type, that would help clean things up and potentially reduce editor lag. Another fun feature would be to relate blocks with meta tags so I can find the on overlap, function and on update blocks that somehow got on opposite corners!


Being able to search for a function in block code and being sent to it’s location would also be nice (if at all possible). I can search within the browser and see the name of the function is highlighted, but sometimes it is hard to see as I have zoomed out quite far in order to scan as many functions as possible.


You are stealing my words! Exactly what I meant!

What if we also had something that would connect different blocks together? like, i know it says people request grouping blocks but i’d like to add to that:
What if we had something like a string or line and we can string different blocks together? I think it would help if you made a story based game, so you know where the story is so far and stuff!

I forgot to put on the form that Intellisense takes forever to show up. It’s slightly faster on the Electron app but it still takes a good 30 seconds to suggest auto complete. And most of the time, it doesn’t suggest anything!

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Also, the reset game block can have blocks after it. But, those blocks don’t run after you reset the game. You should make the reset block an ending block.


What sore of code are you wanting to run after resetting the game?

Anything, really. For example, if I do this -

reset game;

splash ("You lose!");

It never splashes “You lose!”.

Of course, you can fix this like this -

splash ("You lose!");
reset game;

@andrew-ski What kind of “block type” filtering would be most useful here? Just the shape of the block, or the toolbox category it came from or something else?

What if we had something like a string or line and we can string different blocks together?

@UnderwaterAstronaut Hmm what do you mean by this? Are you thinking something like the function blocks, but horizontally? Or more like a text block with line breaks in it?

@UnsignedArduino Oh no, that definitely sounds like a bug. If you have a sec, feel free to file it here: (I’m also taking notes!), that way it’s on our radar as we knock out bugs for this release. :slight_smile:


Oh now Intellisense decides to start working like it should. Next time it happens, I’ll definitely post a bug report with a gif.

kinda like this, and the ‘strings’ would move whenever the blocks would move if that makes sense
If it can’t be added that’s fine btw!


hmm… Complicated. Are you thinking something like connecting the functions together so ou can move them at the same time?

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It’s more of just creating a line to show that this event will happen next, then this event will happen after, and yeah things like that! and it doesn’t exactly apply to just functions

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Having worksheets or filtering for each toolbox category would work well. That way we can see all \On Game Update/ms’ blocks or’ Overlap/on destroy/created’, functions, etc. at the same time.


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