Frogger reinvented

After many questions and with the guidance of many dedicated Arcade fans, I am proud to announce my first arcade game “Frogging Fun”.

I would like to give special thanks to everyone who helped my along the way. There were a few issues which if it weren’t for the help of @jwunderl, @darzu, @AlexK & @richard , I wouldn’t have been able to finish it. I would also like to thank others that helped along the way: @LCProCODER, @UnsignedArduino, @GameGod and @Dreadmask197 your ideas are great.

I hope you guys enjoy it and I look forward to changing the complexity of the game and adding some animations.

I will see you all on the next version. :smiley:





Kudos on a great rendition! There are a lot of clever techniques here to get the game to play correctly. Plus, it’s really fun and quite challenging. Nice work!


I have no words. it is so amazing!!! keep up making great games!

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Thank you for your compliment. For the first version I wanted to get the game play working before adding extra complexity such as animations, changing speeds, number of enemies, and extra enemies (like a crocodile, snake, otter, etc).

I also got the game to work on my pygamer, I had to lower the movement speed. However, with my latest version, I can no longer download it on to the device (Cannot download to PYGAMER). I have also posted an item at the support forum of adafruit (, hoping that someone can help.

Thank you for lovely ‘no words’. It means a lot to me to hear such enthusiastic encouragement.

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wait… I dont think you can hear words if there is NO words Lol :smiley:

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The words are in my head, I make them up as I go along.



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That sounds like an interesting block for defining a recursive function. I don’t even want to imagine what that block would look like; otherwise it will turn into a black hole.

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To be honest with you, I’ve never played frogger before. Looking from all the other comments, I think this is a great game.

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There aren’t too many video consoles these days, and I am not sure whether you can play the original online. Plenty of companies have made imitations since the game was developed in 1981! Here’s a YouTube film based on the original:

More information on wikepedia:

Thank you for your compliment.

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this is getting ridiculous :thinking: :roll_eyes:


Loving it :+1:

This is going to go on for a while…

(I wonder what’s the limit for quotes in Discourse?)

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Oh so you made a litteral remake. That is very cool!

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<brain explode 'cause there is to many quotes>


So do you guys have any high scores to post? I can imagine the game was too easy, that after an hour of not dying that you had to give up.

It is REALLY hard

The trick is to be really careful when landing on an empty nest. It does allow for a smal margin of error, 2.5 pixels to be precise. I died most of the time trying to navigate through the traffic.

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ya most likely to die then