Frogging Fun

I think both approaches work. Certainly if the level is simple and does not use more than 16 different types of tiles, then the color-code tilemap is the way to go.

So to all my ‘Frogging Fun’ fans :frog:, here is my latest #game #featured-game. Each level gets progressively harder, with disappearing turtles at the second level, and snakes and ducks (a frog’s worst enemy) making an appearance at the third level. For those finding it a bit difficult, you get an extra life after completing a level. :heart:

Thanks to @peli and his RTTTL extension, I now have an introductory melody as well. This is a really cool extension as there are LOADS of RTTTL’s available online. I just hope I haven’t infringed on any copyrights.

Let me know what you think and ways to improve the levels.