Funny game challenge is being done! (VCCGP Challenge)

ok ok ok, 6 people will be chosen for this, if you want a summary of how this work.
you have (insert time) hours to make progress on a game, there is (insert dev amount) of devs! after (insert time) amount of hours is done, you pass it on to the other dev by privately messaging them. There is also a twist. CHALLENGES!!! oh yeah also no communicating on how the game works, just send the game.
before I state the challenge, this is inspired by Blackthornprod’s series of similar nature.

Challenge: Vanilla Makecode, no color changing or extensions, basically don’t add things that change stuff ig.
so yeah! vote if you want to be in one, and as for the name? Vertical’s Cool Communication-less Game Pass-on Challenge (VCCGP Challenge), yeah the name needs to be worked on. Submit ideas for the name ig.

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i watch blackthorn pods videos too


I want to join


Thats fine, you can.


Also, this most likely will happen after the next week mainly because I’m going on a trip and I’m most likely not coding during that trip. Also, the hyperdemon may be finished on the weekend and released on Monday, not guaranteed.

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But you can’t PM people on the forum

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You cant? I swear I’ve seen “You have been replying to this user a lot, what if you sent them a message”

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If you click the button, it does nothing. Private messaging has been disabled for obvious reasons


it used to be but now we cant

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DM initiation is disabled for peasants like us.


Ah, alright, then it will just be through regular messages.

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What do you mean by “regular”? Like, forum replies?


Like this?

@VerticalBoosts insert game here

Yeah, most likely

should I just begin this? we only have 5 people though.

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ill join

Im in

I’m dropping out of this challenge, have to move house this summer.

alright! its fine, I odn’t even think im gonna do this anyway