Game Idea Sharing Room

I believe the problem is your forever block with the velocity? Though I only took a quick skim cause I’m in school currently


im tring to make a shooter game any thing that will help

how do i make the floor a wood brown and the celling a gray

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Hey this looks really efficient! Is it able to move in y? I don’t see an option

@charliegregg no, this is fake 3d based off of wolfenstein. More info here: 3D raycasting in Arcade

Ah thanks I was just looking at the 720fps I was getting and questioning how I was doing my own 3d game at 15fps lol.

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Game Name:Air Battles
Gameplay:You fly in a plane and shoot down enemy planes.
Objective:Shoot down the BOSS plane

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how do I make a little quiz so people can pick something out of the other

Hey I’m making a game call survive till dawn heres the room Survival game - #2 by Purp13

Can i get some help on this plz

there is a problem in my game I need help cuz I can’t find out what the problem is can some one fix it plz

You need to call the initPlayer function in on start, the hero is never getting created. (I didn’t look too closely but you might also want to check the right animation, it looked like there was some mixup between left and right at a glance.

sorry were do i put it im still learning code

Game name: [you can name it I dunno]
Type: Fighter
Gameplay: think of stuff like Street fighter, I dunno, lol

Characters: you can do whatever tbh

Summary: Just want to make it a nice decent fighting game


Time for another oc collab!!!

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Is that the litch from adventure time?

this seems like a fun idea. i’ll try to code that in my spare time.

yes it is

sadness simulator