Geometry Life

A work in progress. Would love some feedback on the map size, bugs, weapons, etc. I’d also like to know how it feels. Does it feel like a grand adventure? Or does it just kinda feel like a shape wandering around? Going to add roaming bosses, a second enemy type, and any suggestion that really resonates with me. Enjoy!

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It feels like a shape wandering around. Maybe try converting it into an RPG?

What type of RPG? There’s a lot of them. As of now I have action RPG elements, namely enemy health and splashed numbers. I could add in 4 player multiplayer in an attempt to do an incredibly rudimentary MMORPG, a turn-based random encounter style, or something else. I figured action RPG would probably work best for my vision of an open-world-ish game.

Alright then, second iteration. Still not quite the final release, but it’s good. Still need to add more achievements, roaming bosses, and further user suggestions (if any). Here’s the link, try going for all 10 achievements!
If you have any, I’d love some feedback. Happy hunting :smiley:

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