Getting the Latest (or beta) offline package

Right now it the offline package seems to be behind the web version. I noticed that the gyro.ts has been updated in the web version and not in the offline version. Can someone in power please update the offline package. Might be nice to have a link to a beta version that is in sync with the web beta version too.

Thanks, Jeff

Good point… We’ve just updated the electron app to 1.2.22 (latest on master).

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Any chance of updating the offline app to the current beta (v1.4.6) or giving an option to download it in case folks want to stick to the current release. 1.2.22 doesn’t seem to let you enter function parameters. I would stick to the online beta version but the offline app has an advantage of downloading the program to the brick directly with usb.

Unfortunately, we only support 1 version of the electron app since the app has built-in mechanism to check for the required version and update itself.
To work around, we would have to do a full test pass in order to validate that the new version is of enough quality. This will take some time.

Meanwhile, have you tried the Bluetooth flashing?

Yes, Bluetooth works for the most part with the browser app (with occasional disconnects) . But, not sure what happens if I have one laptop and 2 or more bricks. I’ll probably dust off another laptop for the kids to use with a single brick paired to a single laptop.

I found that the BT implementation of the EV3 is problematic. It is using serial (COM ports) over BT. I haven’t connected multiple bricks over BT but I would hope the second device would bind to a different COM port. I gave up and purchased Wi-Fi dongles for all of our bricks then send the files over using a bit of software I wrote. see Can I download the codes to EV3 via bluetooth?

I have used exclusively 1 brick per computer. Works pretty well with occasional popping of the brick but definitely it’s a game changer when iterating on the FLL mission table

Where can I download the offline installation package of makecode for ev3? I am in China